Feb 5, 2009

What Makes a Man Faithful

According to a Glamour magazine survey, 90 percent of men have been tempted to step out on their partners. We can assume that the other 10 percent probably were asked while standing right next to their girlfriends and, of course, lied and said 'no.'

The good news, though, is that of those guys at least half of them - 49 percent - stayed faithful. Here's why your man won't cheat, either.

Fidelity Fact: He Loves You
Fortunately, plenty of guys - 33 percent, according to the Glamour poll - still think making a commitment really means something. Your love is what keeps him loyal. How? Because cheaters often stray when something is missing -- lack of sex, lack of connection - but the faithful work on fixing those problems and don't just rush to fill the void with someone else.

Fidelity Fact: He Couldn't Stand the Guilt
Eighteen percent of the faithful have a better moral compass than other men. Or perhaps lack the sense of entitlement that make more privileged guys likely to stray. Whatever the case, if your guy is the type to take responsibility when he screws up, and genuinely regrets his mistakes, he's less likely to cheat.

Fidelity Fact: Flirting is Fun Enough
All guys love to get their egos stroked. You only need to worry if your guy's need for approval and affection isn't satisfied by one woman or by more innocent attentions. How can you tell? Watch him in social settings when you're together. Does he suddenly shy away from public displays of affection? Does he downplay your closeness, or brush you off altogether, when you're with him in the company of other women?

Fidelity Fact: He Fears the Consequences
Twelve percent of guys kept it in their pants because he was sure you'd find out. Maybe he just doesn't think he's sneaky enough. But, more likely, it's that you're good at staying in the loop when it comes to his life. If he's regularly open about his whereabouts and who he's hanging out with, if he often invites you along with his pals, and if you both communicate meaningfully, you've got little to fear.
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